We are family.

est. 2015


We are a production company


for film & TV

We really are family.


As well as having a wonderful team and great atmosphere amongst co-workers, company directors Ayala, Finnian and Juan are actual family.  Juan & Ayala are husband & wife and Ayala & Finnian are brother and sister who combining their different areas of expertise cover all bases







Each member of the team has their own wealth of great experience in different areas of film and television as well as music.  As a production company, though still relatively young, having produced two highly successful series of The Ayala Show for IRISH TV on the SKY network, we've been around the block a few times.  We’ve made miracles happen with very small budgets and can pull extraordinary things together with bigger budgets!


Managing big teams, big projects, big deadlines, from the bottom to the top.