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the ayala show:

cotwolds travel feature

On this week’s show, Ayala travels to the beautiful Cotswolds to meet Sam York and Emily Barker. We hear about the songs Emily has written for the film Hector, and also for the BBC series, Wallander. Ayala chats to Sam York about his radio documentary for BBC Radio 4 which looks at issues facing the modern music industry. Back in the London studio, we meet and hear Billington & Quinn, which features Ireland’s own Fame Academy star, Sinead Quinn.


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the ayala show:

Gilbert O'sullivan

One of Ireland’s greatest artists joins us in Episode 6: the legendary Gilbert O’Sullivan. He’s had number ones across the world with Alone Again (Naturally), Clair & Get Down and he’s just released his 23rd album ‘Latin Ala G’ to great critical acclaim. Host Ayala interviews Gilbert and his Producer Pete Walsh and later in the episode performs with Gilbert in the exclusive music video for his track ‘I Guess I’ll Always Love You’.

the ayala show:  a good american

Ayala meets two film composers and follows them recording the score to a feature-length documentary called A Good American. She visits the legendary Air Studios – opened by the late George Martin – where the film’s soundtrack is being recorded. Ayala also meets and interviews the director of A Good American, Friedrich Moser.

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'a good american' episode

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